Types of Butterflies We Have Available for Release
Types of Butterflies Available
(434) 823-3666
Charlottesville, Virginia

Imagine the beauty of a cloud of
butterflies, released  at your special
occasion!  Monarchs are carefully
hand-raised to insure the  highest
quality and shipped to you just in time
for your release. Monarchs are elegant
and very social; their graceful flight will
allow your guests to personally
interact with them before their release!
Painted Ladies             

A bit smaller than Monarchs,
Painted Ladies derive their name
from the pink spots on the
undersides of the wings. Probably
the most widespread of butterflies,
these beauties are also called
Vanessas or Thistle Butterflies.
These butterflies can be shipped to
most states.
Specialty Butterfly Mixed Species (packages can include these
butterflies as well as Monarchs and Painted Ladies)

Depending on the state where you plan to release your
butterflies, these may be available:
Eastern Black Swallowtail

Intricate patterns of yellow and
orange spots are vivid on the black
background of its wings. Appearing
earlier in the spring, the average
wingspan of the Eastern Black
Swallowtail is approx. 3 inches
Giant Swallowtail

This is the largest of all swallowtails.
Its range is from the Gulf Coast
through the Midwest and into
Canada. This striking butterfly is
considered a pest in some southern
states and is nicknamed the "Orange
Dog".  The butterfly, when released,
flies slowly and gracefully.  
Gulf Fritillaries

Native to the southern states, the
Gulf's wingspan can range from 3
1/2 inches to 5 inches across. The
undersides of the wings are a
palette of iridescent silver spots,
that shimmer in the sun. Not
available to ship to northern states.
Red Admirals

A beautiful butterfly with a slightly
erratic flight, the Red Admiral
stands out in a crowd. Very
widespread, this butterfly nectars
on flowers and fermenting fruit
and tree sap.
Professionalism and
High Standards

Social Butterflies is a member
of the
Association For

International Butterfly
Breeders Association
and the
Butterfly Society of
. We hold state shipping
permits from the USDA for a
variety of butterfly species and
comply with all state and
federal regulations. We ship
butterflies throughout the
United States.
Monarch butterfly
Black swallowtail
Giant swallowtail
Gulf fritillary butterfly
International Butterfly Breeders
A Butterfly Release
Creates a Lifetime

Shipped overnight, the adult
butterflies are packaged
securely in individual
envelopes. They are dormant
and resting while in transit
until released at a
temperature above 60
degrees. When the package
is delivered, an individual
must be present to receive it.
At the time of your event, the
envelopes may then be
placed in a basket to be
distributed to your guests.
Instructions are included with
your order.
Social Butterflies will help
make your special occasion
Your Event is Special!

An average butterfly release generally consists of between 3 and 5 dozen
butterflies. For weddings, this allows enough butterflies for the wedding
party and family members. There are several ways to release the butterflies:

An individual release from their envelopes (envelopes are see-
through glassines)
A display cage or soft-sided cage where the butterflies may be
observed prior to release or kept during inclement weather
A mass release from a decorative box

Please contact Social Butterflies for more information on these methods of release at (434)823-3666. To ensure sufficient butterflies are on hand
for your event, please place your order 5 weeks in advance. Large
orders should be placed a minimum of 60 days in advance to guarantee
We may be able to fill last minute orders, depending on stock
availability.  Please call or email us (
for further information.
Monarch butterfly nectaring
Did you know?
Butterflies exist everywhere
in the world except in
Antarctica. Monarchs are the
most widely-known butterfly
in North America. In the fall,
Eastern ones migrate to
Mexico to spend the winter.
Monarch caterpillars eat only
milkweed, which makes them
toxic to predators. The
Viceroy butterfly looks like a
Monarch, which helps in its
defense against predators.
Photo courtesy of Lisa Barker
Painted lady butterfly
Red Admiral butterfly
   Organza display cage

Butterfly release boxes
Mass release box
Small:  $12.00-$20.00
Large:  $22.00-$30.00
Butterfly cages

Soft-sided cages
(Washable and reusable)
Small:  $15.00
Large:  $20.00